Cookie Policy


What are Cookies?

Cookies are a kind of “reminder”, short “text lines” containing information that can be saved on a user’s computer when a browser (such as Chrome or InternetExplorer) calls a particular web site. With cookies, the server sends information that will be read and updated each time the user returns to that site. This will allow the website to automatically adapt to the user by improving its navigation experience.

What are the Cookies?
Cookies are mainly used for:
Improve user navigation experience within the site.
Provide anonymously anonymous user information to the site manager to get statistical data on site usage and improve navigation.
Cookies can also deliver advertisements.

Technical and navigation / session cookies
Technical cookies (navigation / session, “Analytics” and feature functionality) are not required to consent to the user, but only the obligation to provide information. These cookies are essential for browsing the site using all of its features, such as access to restricted areas (Customer Area). Without these cookies it would not be possible to provide the required services. These cookies do not collect information for commercial purposes. This category includes cookies set up by platforms supporting the company’s security infrastructure.
How to disable this type of cookie
Disabling from Browser Settings *

Warnings when blocked
Blocking functions such as authentication, validation, management of a navigation session, and fraud prevention is strongly advised against blocking them.

Profiling cookies
They are designed to create user-related profiles and are used to send targeted advertising messages, in line with their preferences in network browsing. You expect the user to express their consent. You may at any time deny consent and / or modify your options by using the appropriate sections of this extended release.

Analytics cookies
Collect and analyze anonymous and / or aggregated information about site usage by visitors (visited pages, etc) to provide you with a better navigation experience. These cookies do not collect information that may somehow identify the user. This category includes cookies set by the following technology solutions:> Adobe Site Catalyst> DoubleClick> Mediamind> Google Analytic

How to disable this type of cookie

Disabling from Browser Settings *

Warnings when blocked

Blocking test functionality and consequently unattended site view.

Third Party Cookies
This site uses carefully selected and controlled third-party cookies that may install cookies on the user’s terminal via this website (“Third Party”). These include, for example, advertising agencies, servers, technology providers, sponsored content providers, and external search companies. Third parties are directly responsible, as a Data Controller, for the cookies they have installed through this site as well as the treatments they make.
Therefore, we will propose links to third parties below for you to take note of their privacy policy and make your choices in using cookies:
Google Ireland
FACILITY: You can have a list of some providers who work with website managers to collect and use useful information to enjoy the behavioral advertising by going to the link. You will have more information on each one and block / enable each individual operator.

How to disable cookies through your browser
This website works best if cookies are enabled. However, you may choose not to allow the setting of cookies on your computer; to access the “Preferences” of your browser. For information on how to change cookies settings, select the browser you are using below: Chrome – Firefox – Internet Explorer – Opera – Safari If you turn off cookies, you may disable some features of the site. Even with all cookies disabled, your browser will continue to store a small amount of information needed for the basic functionality of the site.